Every Member Ministry

Leaders can not do everything. This goes for the pastor, music minister, youth minister etc. This also applies to Small Group Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, Care Group Leaders and any other person doing ministry in your church. Any group compirised of believers in tune with the Spirit has a desire to see itself grow, reach people and care for those who are there. The following is a simple approach that will enable your small group to invovle every member of the group in the venture to study Scriture together, care for each other and assimilate new people into your group.

Every Member Ministry

What is Every Member Ministry?
Every Member Ministry is a small group approach to ministry which utilizes each member’s gifts, desires and talents in specific ministry opportunities within the group. Scripture teaches that God gifts every Christian (1 Corinthians 12:7) and wants every Christian to be involved in the ministry of the church (Ephesians 4:12). Every Member Ministry is designed to aid believers in discovering their spiritual gifts and offering places of service within the small group.

How does Every Member Ministry work?
To begin each member of the group is given a spiritual gifts analysis. These can be taken home and completed, or even better the group can complete them together during a predetermined time. These analyses will not only help each believer discover their gifts, but also show members places where God has designed them to serve.

Having completed the gifts each member is now prepared to begin serving in one of six different roles within the group. They can be a teacher or assistant teacher, serve on the inreach team, outreach team, fellowship team and/or mission team (each of which is explained below).

Teacher – Responsible for teaching Scripture and leading the class in all aspects of ministry
Assistant Teacher – Responsible for substituting the teacher at any time, giving the teacher a periodic break from responsibilities, and assisting the teacher during teaching times when needed
Inreach Team Member – Responsible in caring for the members of the class; contacting those who are sick, setting up any special assistance, etc; also responsible for contacting members of the class who have been absent through card, email, telephone, etc.
Outreach Team Member – Responsible for compiling and managing contact list; contacting and inviting those on the list to church and special functions; also responsible for setting up and special class assistance for those on the contact list
Fellowship Team Member – Responsible for the planning and conducting of monthly or bi-monthly class fellowship events
Missions Team Member – Responsible for discovering and making available missions opportunities for the class in all missions fields
**Special Note: Each one of the teams will need one Team Coordinator who will be the leader of that team**


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I am a 35 year old husband, dad and pastor. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 13 years, have the two cutest kids in the world and have had the chance to pastor the people of New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church since 2006.
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